TaxSlayer Payroll makes it easy for small business owners.

If you’re a small business owner who does payroll by hand, you’re likely spending too much time, AND putting yourself at risk of IRS fines. If you outsource, you’re probably paying too much. If your payroll software is old or hard to use, it may not get the job done.

TaxSlayer Payroll automates payroll and human resources management. In minutes, you can onboard a new hire, run payroll or file tax forms. Anywhere, anytime. No programming. No installation. No headaches.

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Access from the Cloud

Work from any location at any time. No programming or software installation required.

Federal & State Withholding

Track your state and federal payroll taxes for reporting while you run your weekly payroll. Then, file with the click of a button.

Vacation & Sick Time Tracking

Manage and report employee vacations, sick time and other time away from the office.

Simple payroll management

TaxSlayer Payroll is an automated solution that simplifies and expedites payroll management. Plus, you’ll meet state and federal tax requirements. That means less time spent on payroll…more time for your business.